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Rights and Duties of CHQC Clients

Mutual Obligations upon the Issuance of Certificates and Approvals for the use of the Halal Quality Trademark:

After the delivery of halal certificate to the company and an authorization for the use of the Halal Quality Trademark counterparty obtains the following rights and obligations.


Rights of the Company upon receiving certificate are:

  • to display Halal Quality Trademark on all certified products
  • to use Halal Quality Trademark in the promotion of halal certified products in all marketing presentations/activities
  • to use Halal Quality Trademark on its documentation
  • to enquire the Center the help in  the resolution of any ambiguity that may arise in connection with the production in accordance with the provisions of Halal standards


Obligations of the Company are:

  • to fully accept the obligations in complying with all the provisions of Halal Standard and other documentation acts of the Centre about which the Company have been informed in advance
  • to ensure complete implementation and application of the principles of Halal standard
  • to use Halal trademark in accordance with Book of Standards of the Design and Use of Halal Quality Trademark
  • to inform Center of any changes in the Company that could jeopardize the realization of the tasks defined by this Agreement
  • To enable auditors of the Center unimpeded visits and control of all segments of halal production in order to ensure full implementation of and compliance with the provisions of Halal standard and Acts of the Centre relating to the tasks defined by this Agreement
  • To address the Centre when there are any doubts regarding the application of Halal Standard and to not try to solve doubtful issues on their own initiative
  • To ensure to internal auditors of Halal Quality conditions for smooth operations and undisturbance so they are able to guarantee according to their empowerments and authority that the requirements of Halal standards are fully respected and enforced