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    Halal – From Niche to Global Market

    Global Halal Food & Beverage Market is segmented by Product Type (Halal Food, Halal Beverages, Halal Supplements ),
    by Distribution Channel (Supermarkets/Hypermarkets, Convenience Stores, Online Retail and Others), and by Geography.
    Its food market size was worth US$ 1.8 Trillion in 2019.

    Halal’ tourism - Emerging Opportunities

    Halal Tourism is clearly a growing market segment, with Muslim tourists seeking destinations which meet their needs, in terms of diet, dress or rituals.
    Spending by Muslim travelers is expected to rise to US$220 billion by 2020.

Core activities


The certification of halal products and services


Center for Halal Quality Certification conducts trainings for:
- companies entering the certification process,
- secret guests and auditors of halal quality,
- targeted consumer groups
- Interested companies and individuals who want to get information about the potential of the halal market and the development of the halal industry


Advertising and promotion of certified products, manufacturers, service and facility providers


With its additional activities, Center for Halal Quality Certification works on raising awareness of the quality of halal products and recognisability on the halal market.


Get Your Halal Certificate!



The company makes a request for certification and submits documentation to the Center that proves that operates in accordance with legislation and that can satisfy the requirements of halal quality

Application review

The Center verifies the submitted documentation


The Center and the company sign an agreement on certification

Training of employees

The Center trains the employees in the company about the requirements of halal standards.

Audit (Phase 1&2)

Company prepares documentation in which describes all procedures of production and verified all raw materials and supplements which are used in manufacturing

Results evaluation

The Center verifies whether the company fulfilled the requirements for obtaining halal certification


The Centre delivers all documentation to the Committee for Safeguarding Impartiality that verifies whether the certification was performed in a proper manner

Decision on certificates

Commission for Granting Certificates of the Centre decides about issuing the halal certificate

Marks & Seals

Ownership of Mark

The Halal Mark is a generic mark used by processors to identify Halal product from Non-Halal product. Its ownership belongs exclusively to the Center for Halal Quality Certification. There are specific minimums defined in The Notice for its size. An example of it is given below.

The mark must be displayed clearly, in full on the product, label or packaging, or marketing and advertising material. Non-Halal product should be positively marked to avoid confusion.