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Certification Withdrawal or Suspension


During business as usual, if CHQC feels a client is in breach of the Export Regulations and Conditions, Sharia Law, the Clients Halal Programme is no longer effective or reflects reality, or the use of official Halal Marks has been jeopardised, it reserves the right to suspend or completely withdraw certification from a client. If this occurs, it will do so in writing. Only the company CEO may withdraw certification, but does so after considered review by the certification.

Certification can be restored after the client undergoes a full review and re-certification process.

At any time a company may choose to change the scope of its application, if so it must apply in writing regardless of whether it is extending or reducing the scope. CHQC may decide re-certification is required. CHQC will notify the client in writing of its decision after a review by its Certification Committee.