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Information Sharing – Our Commitment


CHQC will provide regular updates to its clients on the following:

  • A detailed description of the initial and continued certification activity, including the application, initial audits, surveillance audits, and the process for granting, maintaining, reducing, extending, suspending, withdrawing certification and recertification
  • The normative requirements for certification
  • CHQC’s requirements for its clients to:
  • Comply with the certification requirements
  • Make all necessary arrangements for the conduct of audits, including provision for examining documentation and the access to all processes and areas, records and personnel for the purposes of the initial certification, surveillance, recertification and resolution of complaints, and
  • Make provisions, where applicable, to accommodate the presence of observers (e.g. accreditation auditors or trainee auditors)
  • Documents describing the rights and duties of certified clients, including requirements, when making reference to its certification in communication of any kind related to the use of Halal Marks
  • Information on procedure for handling complaints and appeals