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Halal tourism

The concept of halal, meaning permissible in Arabic, is not just being applied to food, it is related to every life segment. This includes cosmetics, medicines, bank dealings and in this case, tourism. This means offering tour packages and destinations that are particularly designed to cater and address Muslim needs.

This new concept in tourism industry have been recognized in Croatia as well having in mind that tourism, as an activity, in the entire Croatian economy, has a very important role, often referred to as the backbone of development. Thus, Centre for Halal Quality Certification as the only authorized institution of the Islamic Community in Croatia to certify products and services according to Halal Standard, saw the possibility and need for the development of Halal tourism in Croatia and promoting it as the new „halal friendly destination“. 

With regards to that it conducted special research and came up with the Rulebook on Categorization of Restaurants that meets halal quality requirements and official Halal standard known as HRN BAS 1049:2010. By making these Regulations Center for Halal Quality Certification has created a base for development of Halal tourism in Croatia. Regulations on the categorization of restaurants by the quality requirements of halal restaurants are categorized with:

Many of the croatian hotels and restaurants have recognized the opportunity halal tourism has and responded to this latest trend in the tourism industry.
As of today notable wielders of Halal certificate in Croatia include...

Halal friendly destination