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Marks and Seals


Ownership of Mark

The Halal Mark is a generic mark used by processors to identify Halal product from Non-Halal product. Its ownership is excluseively the ownership of Center for Halal Quality Certification registered in the State Intellectual Property Office. There are specific minimums defined in The Notice for its size. An example of it is given below.

The mark must be displayed clearly, in full on the product, label or packaging, or marketing and advertising material. Non-Halal product should be positively marked to avoid confusion.

The Halal Mark (example only):



Use of Halal Mark/Logo

The procedure for the “Use of Halal Mark/Logo” (RU-08) and the “Halal Book of Standards” describe in detail the conditions for the use of the Halal mark; they are also defined in the agreement the Centre signs with each client.


Permitted Use of Halal Mark (RP-08)

The Halal Mark permitted use is usually defined in the Halal Assurances Programme written by the Client. It is used to identify product which is Halal Approved. For example, the mark can be applied directly on to product (i.e. a carcass surface) or a label or the product packaging.

The Halal Mark may also be used for marketing and promotional activities provided it is not misleading or misrepresentative.

Any use of the Halal Mark must preserve its original specification in Halal Book of Standards.

The Halal mark must only be applied to Halal Approved Products from Halal Approved Processes. If in doubt, the Client must have traceability and inventory control procedures to show the product was produced from a Halal Approved Process.


Misuse of the Halal Mark

It is a major non-compliance to apply the Halal Mark to Haram (non-Halal) product.

Intentional misuse, misrepresentation or misappropriate of the Halal Mark is a serious offence. Any evidence of this must also be brought to the attention of the CHQC immediately and corrective actions will be put into place to cease its use. Further action may be taken to recall product and have it downgraded or destroyed.

Misuse, misrepresentation or poor display of the Halal Mark may result in the suspension of an operators’ Halal licence until the matter is resolved.

Any misuse of the Halal Mark will be recorded and brought to the attention of a member of the CHQC certification committee. From there a decision will be made regarding the Operators Approval Status and the disposition of affected product. The Operators Halal Certification may be suspended, or withdrawn.

An operator will be notified in writing of the event, and the CHQC decision immediately to prevent or correct any continued misuse.